Friday, July 20, 2012

Skippyjon Jones @ Kohls

Most of you probably know that Kohls sells children's books & plush animals relating to a particular author or children's book series.  They only offer these for a few months and then a new character/theme is revealed.  The sales from these items support Kohls Cares, a charity that donates to children's health and education programs.  The items are always $5 each.

I was hoping to purchase the Skippyjon Jones character and was disappointed that my Kohls was sold out!  If you don't have a Kohls near you or they are out of stock, you can still purchase these items online.  Kohls charges $5.95 for orders under $25.  There is free shipping for orders over $75 -- helpful if you want to do more shopping! :)  It looks like there are currently some coupon codes for free shipping on orders over $50.  You could do a google search with "kohls shipping july 2012".

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