Thursday, August 2, 2012

New {School} Year Resolution Linky Party

Where did summer go?  As we quickly approach the first day, we are all scrambling to get done all those many things on our to-do list.  If you're like me, as soon as the school year ends you are reflecting on the past year and the things you want to change or improve for the next year.  Amanda at Teaching Maddeness is having a New {School} Year Resolutions linky party.   What a great idea!

# 1 - More parent communication - both the positive and things that need work!  I took a lot of pictures last year, but never managed to get them posted to the school site so parents could see them.  I really want them to be able to enjoy these great pics of their sweeties!  We are getting a new software system so that everything will be computerized (attendance, lunch count, grades, etc. - we've been doing attendance on paper and the secretary had to enter it into the computer!).  It will be so nice!  So, they will see all behavior problems, etc.

# 2 - Earlier lesson planning - I end up at the school doing lesson plans EVERY week!  I have a 25 minute planning period, but that just seems to be enough time to take a restroom break, eat a snack, clean up around the room (always a disaster!) and make sure everything is set up for the rest of the day.  I'm going to try a few things: 1) Don't clean up after them!  I don't know if I can do this.  Before specials (my planning time) is just barely enough time to get through reading.  Perhaps we'll have a clean up time after they come back and eat their snacks.  2) Try to be more effective after school.  My 2 boys come into my room and it seems it is often distracting - even when they're being super good.  They want a snack or 1 of their friends want to come visit.  I'm going to try to make that homework time this year -- no playing, no friends.  If we all have a "quiet" time I might be able to accomplish something! :)

# 3 - More read-a-louds - This is more of a wish than a resolution.  I have had a terrible time with losing my voice during the school year.  I am fine during the summer!  I have been to the allergist and ENT for advice.  The ENT said my voice box is scarred (probably from clearing my throat) and suggested cutting back on acidic foods - which for me is primarily soda.  I was drinking a lot of diet cherry coke!  I've tried eliminating it completely in the past and have gone a few months and then I have one and I'm back to all my old habits!  I decided this summer to not eliminate it, but not to stock it at all (home or school).  So, if I am really craving one I need to go to the store to buy it.  It has worked wonders.  I only have a soda a couple times a week at most.  I am earnestly praying that this was the main culprit and that I will be able to talk like a normal person next year!  I really need my voice!

What are your resolutions for the school year?  Follow the link above to Amanda's site to read what others are doing.

P.S.  I was excused from jury duty today!  So relieved!  I was in the jury pool for a civil case and then they moved us to the jury pool for a criminal case because not enough jurors showed up.  Thankfully I was not randomly selected for the jury box.



  1. Melissa--Thanks for stopping by Curious Firsties! I look forward to following your blog this year.

  2. I love your resolutions! Last year I worked on not cleaning up after my students. That was really hard for me and many days I ended up apologizing to our school custodian for the messes. Two things that really worked for me... when we were transitioning to something new (moving to the carpet for a read aloud, lining up for recess...) I would say something like "Check your floor space and then head to the carpet" I would be the last one going to the carpet and quietly call students back to their desks to take care of their floor space if needed. Second, my students knew that every item I had to pick up off the floor at the end of the day = 1 recess minute the next day. I realize this takes away from our breaks, but it only took one day of losing 13 minutes for them to very rarely have items on the floor after leaving for the end of the day. Just a few ideas, good luck!

  3. Hi Melissa,

    Your blog is looking good. I opened mine about a month ago, but I still can not figure out how to get that nice line of links MBtFG+ on my blog.

    I do have some fun freebies that you may like. Come check them out.

    Creatively yours,


  4. Thanks for linking up to the party, Melissa! Good luck with your voice...I hope limiting the soda helps! I love my read-alouds and can't imagine not incorporating them daily! ;)

    Teaching Maddeness



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