Saturday, December 29, 2012

Arctic Animals & A Giveaway!

I've just finished adding some animals to my Arctic Animals Research Pages Unit!  It now has 24 animals.  These are research papers that are written in an easy-to-read format making it easier for our beginner readers.  My kids do an Arctic animal research paper every year and I was having such a difficult time with teaching them how to look for information while not finding the basic information in multitudes of books and the students having difficulty with the reading level.  It still is a challenging task, but these papers make it easier!  We actually begin by having all the students write a mini report about the polar bear.  This one is easier because we are all learning the information together.  Some of them freak out when they hear they have to write it twice!  They don't like the idea of a "rough draft" much!  Then each student chooses an Arctic animal.  The way I do this is I put everyone's name in a bag and draw a name.  That person then gets to choose their animal.  I have all the animals pictures (included in this kit) printed out and placed on a board.  I just put a sticky note on the animal once it is "taken".  Before they choose, I tell them an interesting fact about each animal.  There really are an abundance of fantastic animals in the Arctic.  I stress that they all are interesting animals so there isn't a bad choice.  If you have more than 23 students, you would need to let them choose an animal more than once.  I have a small freebie for you from this unit.  It is the research paper and the polar bear page.  Click here to download.

The entire unit can be purchased at Teachers Pay Teachers:
Click here to view this item at TPT
I also want to share with you a HUGE giveaway by Jessica at Second Grade Nest.  My Arctic Animals Research papers are part of the giveaway set #4.

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday break!  I don't know what I'd do without these big breaks during the school year.  I have so many things to get done around the house!  Thanks for visiting!

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