Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sandy Hook Elementary Memorial Project

There are no words at this time.  As we think about heading back to the classroom, I'm sure you are all thinking about what to say to your students.  I'm not going to bring it up to my firsties, but I feel pretty certain that at least a few of them will have heard and will have questions.  I've been looking at what others advise saying and I am planning on saying that
"yes, a bad man hurt some people.  He can't hurt anyone else now. There are some amazing teachers, policemen and pastors who are there to help the people.  We will keep them in our prayers."

I am planning on having them complete this Sandy Hook Memorial Project which has free instructions at
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I'm not necessarily going to focus on why we're doing it, but just how important each person is to God and that we need to show kindness. 

Tomorrow, I'll be joining in a teacher blogger day of silence in memory of these precious little ones.

Praying for God's peace in the midst of this darkness.

Love, Melissa

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