Thursday, January 17, 2013

And the winners are...

Elementary Contest:
**Grand Prize Winner Entry #177Michele G.
Entry #265Jessica R.
Entry #67Dinah E.
Secondary Contest:
**Grand Prize Winner Entry #4Andrea
Entry #33Vanessa J.
Entry #37Vanessa J.

Congratulations!  The Grand Prize winners will get all of the items in their giveaway!  The runner up winners will choose one item from their giveaway.  I've emailed all of the winners.  As soon as I receive the responses from the runner up winners, I will have the contributors email the products.
Thank you for all who contributed and participated in the giveaway.  It was lots of fun!  

There's another giveaway going on right now at Mrs. McLaren's Little Super Heroes.  Check it out!
Click here to enter!



  1. Oh my!! Oh my!!! Oh my!!! I am running up and down my hall at school squealing with glee!! Thank you for holding such a great contest. You made more than my day,you made my whole month!

  2. Congrats Michele! What a great surprise for you. Your comment made my day! So glad that it was so exciting for you. Enjoy all these great products in your classroom. :)



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