Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Arctic Art & One More Day!

We are just beginning our Arctic studies.  The students start out learning about polar bears and then everyone writes some polar bear facts (at least 3).  This is practice for our next big writing assignment, which is individual Arctic reports.  As they're writing their polar bear facts we work on finding non-fiction information.  We practice underlining & highlighting information on some polar bear fact pages that I copy for each student.  We briefly talk about plagiarism.  I teach the kids to find some information they like.  Read it several times.  Then turn the book over on their desk and write it in their own words.  It takes a lot of practice, but eventually we manage to get 3-5 facts!  They have to write a rough draft and then re-write a final copy. 

The next part we'll be working on is our Arctic reports.  They each choose an animal to write about. I draw names and they pick in that order -- I tell them that there is no "bad" choice!  They are all very interesting. My Arctic Animal Research Papers on TPT are very helpful.  It has the info. they need written in an easier to read format for the little ones!  They still need lots of help, but it makes it much easier!  I'd recommend it for 1st-2nd grade and also for an easier project for 3rd graders.  You can find it here.

We also have a few art projects that we complete to go with this unit.  I found this one at the fish & wildlife site.  It turned out really cute!  Copy the pages (link below) onto transparency paper.  The students use Sharpies to color the picture.  Tell them about beautiful Northern Lights!  The brighter --the better!  At this point, they still don't look too spectacular.  The "magic" happens when you add foil.  Crumple foil and tape it to the back of the picture.  Voila!  Sparkly, bright pictures!  Enjoy!

Arctic "stained glass" pages

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Happy Tuesday!  ~Melissa


  1. what grade did you do that project with...the sharpies/stained glass? We have an art show at our school (this is my first year at this school) and I'm looking for a project that will wow them. This looks pretty cool, but I teach 1st grade.

  2. Hi, Debra! These were my first graders who did this -- and they're not all artistic! It's very easy. I have a ton of sharpies. I would just give them the fine tip ones (standard type size). A few used the ultra fine and 1 turned out fine, but I had to have another use a different marker or else it just looked like scribbles. I had one who used mostly all yellow and you could hardly see it, so I had him add color. Otherwise, they could do it all independently -- just "color" on transparencies with sharpie! I had my TA add the foil. The crumpled foil is really what makes them look amazing. It brings out all the colors. Thanks for the comment! We're going to do another art project with oil pastels in a few weeks and those are pretty easy and turn out nice. I'll post pictures of those soon! ~Melissa

  3. I love these! THey look really nice as well and to have in your classroom for while. They could totally work in my 2-3 class. Thanks for the idea!



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