Sunday, January 27, 2013

Batter Up Wombat

Here's my book for the linky party this week:

Batter Up Wombat is written by Helen Lester & Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger. 

Wombat is joining the Champs baseball team and they are sure he will be just what they need.  I mean with a name like Wham-bat he's sure to be great!  Wombat turns out to be a confused player in the style of Amelia Bedelia.  He doesn't understand why it's necessary to tell someone to not stand on the plate and of course he picks up the base when told to steal it.  It gets even worse when they tell him to go home.  He has to get out a map to show them how far away Australia is.  How can they possibly ask him to go home?  Don't they know that would take such a long time?  It appears to be a disaster.  And then Wombat is needed for something that wombats just happen to excel at -- digging!  Can he save the team?

This is a cute little story.  The kids will think it's funny and it can spark a good discussion about everyone having different strengths and talents.  Enjoy!


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