Monday, January 21, 2013

It's a linky party! Favorite Picture Books of 2012

It's a linky party!  Share your favorite picture books that were published in 2012.  This is a great way to find new books.  I just discovered a fabulous new book that I can't wait to share with my students next week!

Here's the process: 1) Post a book review (as short or as long as you like!) on your blog  2) Add a link (see below the picture) to the linky party 3) Enter the linky party here by clicking on the add link at the bottom of this page 4) For name - please add the title of the book; for picture - choose the picture of the book; This will make it more appealing to viewers.  They will then click on the picture to go to your blog and read your review.

If you're new to linky parties and need a bit more help, please review my google doc that has a longer description and pictures to help you with each step.

Next week's theme: Favorite picture books about sports ~ Have you heard about a big game in a couple of weeks! :)  These could be books about a sport, sportsmanship, etc.  

Here's the html code to put on your blog post for the link to the linky party: 
<div class="separator" style="clear: both; text-align: center;">
<a href="">
<img border="0" height="240" src="" width="320" /></a></div>


  1. Thanks for hosting this! I don't think I did it right though. :( I am very excited to see what everyone else picked though!

  2. No problem, Jen. It's my first linky and I'm still learning about setting them up. Thanks so much for your submission and the link to your great list!

  3. Awesome idea for a linky! Thanks for hosting!!Can't wait to see the books that are chosen!


    2nd Grade Pig Pen

  4. Thanks for sharing Teresa. Of course, it was a pig book! I love it! :)

  5. Mia - Thanks for recommending Waking Dragons. I will definitely be looking for that one!

  6. I couldn't choose just one! So I linked up my list of favorites from 2012

  7. Each Kindness is one of my very favorite books of 2012. Thanks so much for hosting this linky party, Melissa, what fun!



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