Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Huge Giveaway at Terry's Teaching Tidbits

I NEVER win anything, but a few months ago I checked back on a giveaway I had entered and was shocked to see I had won!  It was so much fun to have my email inbox full of teaching materials!  So, I highly recommend entering these great giveaways on teaching blogs.  Terry at Terry's Teaching Tidbits is having a BIG giveaway!  I love how she separated the donated items into grade categories.  You can enter the giveaway specific to your grade level or enter them all!  The 1st grade giveaway includes 24 units/teaching products.  My Sweet Science and Literacy Centers pack is part of this giveaway.  It's running until the 31st.  So, stop by and submit your entry!!  Also, don't forget to enter my little 'ol giveaway here for a Starbucks card and DVD's! :)

Do any of you depend on google reader for keeping updated on the blogs you follow?  If so, you probably know that it will soon be non-existent.  I'm working on finding a replacement.  Think I've found a good one!  I'll be posting about it as soon as I get it all figured out.  Stay tuned!

2 days until Spring Break!!


  1. Thank you so much for the shout out about my giveaway! I'm your newest follower :)


  2. No problem! :) Thank you for hosting the giveaway! I know big giveaways like that take a lot of time to set up. It looks fantastic!



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