Monday, April 29, 2013

A little bit of this & that

It's been a bit since I've posted so I'll get you updated on what we've been doing in the classroom and on new products!  
A photo for father's day!

We are hatching duck and chicken eggs!  We did this last year and it was so much fun when they hatched.  We only have about one more week until they're supposed to hatch.  I haven't taken any pics of them this year, but here is a picture from last year.  This is my son who was in 2nd grade then.  We had the 1st & 2nd graders trace their handprints and write a message to their dad.  Then they held a baby chick and we took a picture.  We made frames and sent them home as father's day gifts.

We spent last week learning about food groups.  The students practiced categorizing their lunch on Monday and Tuesday.  I just used a blank "my plate" that came with a bulletin board set.  There are also some downloads at  I'm used to using the food pyramid for this activity so I had to get used the my plate for this year.  The most difficult part was where to put dairy.  The graphic I was using had milk written in the glass area.  I think next year I will make one that says "dairy" in small letters and gives them a place to add ANY dairy item.  There also is not a place for any sugar or treats.  I told them that means we should just have a little and had them write it somewhere on the side of the plate.  On Wednesday and Thursday they categorized their lunch and then brought another page home to write down their dinner choices.  We talked about trying to have a "complete" plate with all categories.  Many of them were missing vegetables and fruits!  I saw a parent at the grocery store on Monday and she said they were shopping so they would have good foods for lunch the next day! :)  Some of the kids take it very seriously!   I just realized that the Choose My Plate site has a list of videos.  There is a cute "Fruit & Veggie" Pokey one that I posted above this section.  I'll have to check out the rest for next year!

I was so excited to list this Mega Language pack today!  I've been working on the individual packs for over a month now!  I finally finished the contraction pack today and was able to bundle them together for those who want (need!) them all and want to save $.  Each individual one is in my TPT store along with the bundle.  I used the pages that I had completed to work with my kids on contractions last week and they did a great job!  I'm planning on using the mini-posters this week to create a bulletin board. 

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