Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flash Freebie Math Game!

I just listed another new product at teachers pay teachers.  I just love these cute graphics by Mrs. Messenger!  Check out her store if you're looking for some cute graphics.  Sadly, this game was started before the Superbowl with hopes of finishing it before the big game.  Ummm.... just a bit late!  I think the kids will enjoy it any time of year.  :)  I changed the math problems because they were super easy for this time of year.  I put in all the 0-10 addition facts for a total of 102 separate facts to practice!  This game is for 2-4 players.  Here's the best part... it's free (only through my blog) for 24 hours!   (expired).

This past weekend our library had their book sale.  I was able to pick up piles of kids books at .25 each!  I l-o-v-e book sales!  Before I started teaching, I was able to go to lots of them.  I actually carried my babies around on my back to go find the bargains.  Maybe that is why they both like reading so much!  I've been at book sales where there were police officers directing traffic and ones where people were jumping over tables to get to books when the sale opened.  I'm a bit glad I don't deal with that craziness anymore and just go to the sales after school and see what good things are left.  If you haven't been to a library book sale you should totally check them out.  I like to use to find out information about the sales.  It's always a good idea to verify the information --it's usually listed on the library's web page.

Enjoy the rest of your week! 

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