Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Daily Deal and New Product (Safety Tips Posters)

These are so much fun!  Our 3rd graders at school always hatch butterflies every year.  This year they laid eggs before they were released so there were lots of caterpillars.  My son brought home a jar with a few caterpillars and had so much fun setting up a good habitat and releasing them.  So, today's deal features a good price on the butterfly garden which includes a certificate to send for larvae and food.  We made a DIY container for them at home - big plastic tub (I think it had cheese puffs or animal cookies in it at one time) covered with a piece of material from a laundry bag (for washing delicates).  This is only helpful if you have your own caterpillars or larvae.  Otherwise, you'll be paying about $15 for 3 larvae to be shipped.  That's why these kits are such a great deal!
I FINALLY finished my safety posters and listed them on TPT!  This is a set of posters with tips for 
*water safety
*fire safety
*road safety 
*personal safety
These are some really great things that all kids should know.  It makes a great teaching tool as you teach about safety and helps to make sure you teach and review safety tips for a variety of situations.  They also make a great wall display or bulletin board.  They are 50% off for the first 24 hours.  This applies to all of my new products at TPT so make sure you follow my store so you know when new items are posted. 
While you're there check out my popular Healthy Habits Posters.  These have been posted in classrooms and lunchrooms and I've received really good feedback. 
Our "summer" weather here has been non-existent lately.  My son told me today that he is forgetting what the sun looks like!  We usually have very sunny days here in the summer and very little rain.  We were awakened with a rain storm this morning.  Come on, summer!  I hope the weather is great in your little spot of the world! :)

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