Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Daily Deal

Today's daily deal is a unique type of giveaway.  I've entered many giveaways and even won a few!  It's so much fun to win and have your email full of great teaching products.  A group of teachers (18 in all) have collaborated on a giveaway where everyone can win teaching products!  You just follow each of their blogs and fill out a form (email address) and on Monday (June 10th) they will email you all 18 of the products.  See the link below to read about the contest and visit each blog.  The items you can "win" seem to be focused on 1st-3rd grade level.  I love that they are summer themed!  They will be fun for the beginning or end of the school year.

Enter the giveaway here
We had a fun and exhausting field trip yesterday and I just realized I didn't take a single picture. :(  I was very busy at my "station" and it's definitely a sign that school is nearly over and I'm just completely exhausted!  We went to a wildlife refuge.  I was able to see (with a spotting scope) an osprey feeding her babies and saw some little beaks poking out a starling nest!  We saw a pelican, ducks, geese and many of these Yellow Headed Blackbirds.  2 more days until summer break!
Photo by Alexandra MacKenzie - Creative Commons License

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