Friday, July 5, 2013

Back to School Blog Hop

I'm linking up with Teaching Is a Gift & A Teacher Without Class for their BLOGLOVIN' back to school blog hop! If you still haven't started using Bloglovin' - now is the time!  It is simply a way to follow blogs you love so that you don't miss out on posts.  Long before I started blogging, I was an ardent blog follower.  I have picked up so many great ideas by following blogs.  I set my bloglovin' account up so that I get a daily email summary.  I like that I can quickly scroll through the blogs and see a picture and a little bit of the post and see if it is one I want to read.  This blog hop will let you quickly "hop" through a bunch of teaching blogs and see which ones you'd like to follow.  See you there! 
Teaching is a Gift

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