Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Freebie! Watch the Clock

Colleen at the Teaching Heart blog has a Tuesday linky for freebies.  I was going to link up my Watch the Clock - telling time activity, and then I realized I never even posted about it.  Oops!  It is the featured freebie at my TPT store.  I'm really excited about using it with my students next year.  It is an on-going (as long as you want -- all year if necessary!) activity.  You just put one of the clocks up somewhere in the room where all the students can see it.  When a student sees that the classroom clock (the real one!) matches the printed clock they stand up and say "it's time!".  They then tell you what the time is.  If they are correct they get to choose the next clock.  Simple, but I think my first graders will love it.  The set includes all the clocks that you would need during a school day (up to 1/4 hour) and it also includes digital time to scaffold learning until they improve with their time-telling skills! :)  I've also included a.m. and p.m. cards so you can work on those concepts.  Click on the picture above to download this activity from my TPT store.  Also, be sure to check out the freebies linked at Teaching Heart.  Just click on the picture!  Happy Tuesday, y'all!

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