Friday, July 5, 2013

The Daily Deal - Curious George! $5

I love the Kohl's Care deals! They are only $5 and the money goes to help kids.  Win-Win!  Kohl's currently has Curious George for the character.  There is the Curious George plush stuffed animal & a cute dinosaur (to go with the book - Curious George's Dinosaur Discovery) dog (C.G. and the Puppies), moose (C.G. Goes Camping) and kangaroo (C.G. Visits the Zoo).  Sadly, no man in the yellow hat items!  There are 5 hardcover books - 1 is only available online.  There is even a set of 15 Curious George note cards!  Those would be so cute for notes home! Click on the picture to order it online or visit your local Kohl's to find these items.  The popular ones are sold quickly so it's always a good idea to go ASAP! :)


  1. Just wanted to thank you for pointing me in the right direction on the boards this week!! I was one lost puppy!!


  2. This looks interesting. I'll have to check into the daily deals for my daughter. Our school purchased a set of kindles to sort of pilot usage with the kids, so this might offer an inexpensive way to add titles. Thanks for sharing!
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