Wednesday, February 26, 2014

3 Million Strong Sale @ Teachers Pay Teachers

Wow! TPT now has 3 million teachers who have joined this amazing site. To celebrate, there will be a BIG sale on Thursday & Friday (Feb. 27th & 28th).  You can save 28% off of ALL products at my store - even the bundles! Now is the perfect time to purchase items on your wishlist. How about some non-fiction units to align with common core and spark kids interest? Maybe some math or reading products to prepare for testing?

My wishlist was in desperate need of sale! I tend to use the wishlist the same way that I do the pinterest heart button - like a temporary filing cabinet. I put it in there until I have time to look it over and decide on the best things to buy. Embarrassing TPT wishlist has 793 items!  Yikes! This is out of control! :)  Definitely time to decide! How big is your wishlist? Enjoy these discount days!

I'm linking up with Mrs. Beattie to share blog posts about the big sale.

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