Thursday, July 31, 2014

Win an iPad mini! A giveaway for teachers!

I'm so excited to bring you this awesome giveaway! 20 teachers have teamed up to buy an iPad mini for a giveaway. The giveaway is open to teachers (classroom and homeschool) who are living in the contiguous United States. The winning entry will be verified and proof of eligibility may be required. Please see the terms and conditions for more information. The entry options are really easy! Good luck!
If you are the lucky winner or you have access to an iPad or other classroom technology, you may be wondering where to start? How can I use these in my classroom? What do the students need to know? Some teachers at TPT compiled some of their best ideas into a free ebook for teachers: Tech Tips for Teachers.  It's full of great ideas!
A really easy and fun tech integration is using QR codes in the classroom. QR stands for quick response. A user can put some information (a web link, text, picture, etc.) into a site that will generate a code. The code can be scanned by students and show an answer, link to a website, etc. Teachers can easily create their own QR codes (I like to use the web site or there are many wonderful items at TPT that have already been created using QR codes. I have several QR items that link to stories. The Back-to-school stories are perfect for this time of year. These are stories that someone is reading (a librarian, author, parent, etc.) on YouTube. I have put the links into safeshare to avoid all the extra junk (comments, ads, etc.) on YouTube. That is another little hint for you - always put your link into safeshare and generate a new link before you watch something in class.

To use QR codes, you need an internet connected device (smart phone, iPad, tablet) and you need a scanning app. There are many free options available. I use Scan on my iPhone and the class iPads. The students know how to find the icon. They just click on it and then move the device so that the square target area on the device (see the top right photo) is over the QR code. That picture is blurry because as soon as I get near the QR code it picks it up and starts to scan! It will then take you to whatever information was inputted. This set of QR codes is for links to books about building character and social skills. It is called the Best Me. Once the code is scanned, the video is displayed on safeshare. I have other QR code stories in my TPT store.  

And now, for the exciting is the giveaway! You could win an iPad mini with WIFI connectivity! :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

These other blogs have partnered with me to bring you this giveaway. They also have some great technology tips and products for you. Click on each blog link so you don't miss any!

The giveaway winner will be selected on August 10th. Good luck!


  1. I just entered the amazing giveaway you are offering with "Burke" (I am your newest follower) I would be very appreciative if you hopped over to check out my giveaway! It ends in approximately 24 hours. Thanks so much =)
    Teacher’s Lounge

    1. Thanks, Melanie! I'm so glad that you stopped by and left a comment. I visited your blog and I'm your newest follower. It looks really good! Congrats on your new position!



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