Monday, August 11, 2014

It's Shark Week! Click here for freebies, lists & more!

Are you ready for shark week? I've never watched shark week on Discovery, but I always hear about it. Even my first graders talk about it! I'm going to try to watch some of it this year. I won't watch scary (Jaws type movies) or strange (Sharknado??? What??). I like the real movies and shows. I've watched the movie Soul Surfer (the true story of Bethany Hamilton) which was so inspiring. I would love any educational documentary type shows - like Disney's Planet Earth. I watched a clip on Discovery about a fishing team discovering a whale that had been bitten in half and about the possibility of a gigantic shark. Even that type of programming is interesting to me. However, I do want to be able to sleep at night!

Will your students be interested in sharks? Absolutely! Do I have some resources to share with you? Of course!


1. Sharks! A Vocabulary Activity by Teacher Treasure Hunter (me!)
I created this pack as a way to preview one of my animal vocabulary packs. I currently have spiders & bald eagles as my other vocabulary packs like this (they are both paid products). I have a few others that I need to finish - pandas, snakes, etc. The paid versions have more cards and a writing page.
2. Shark Attack! 11 underwater themed printables for 1st-3rd grade by Primary Punch.
This looks great! It's a variety of ocean themed pages (not just sharks), but there are some really good activity pages.
3. Shark vs. Fish Venn Diagram Materials by Megan Mitchell at First Grade Roars
I love this set! I'm a big fan of Venn diagrams and Megan has provided the cards already for your students to sort. I usually have the kids come up with their own information, but having pre-printed cards will make this activity a breeze. Your students will learn about fresh vs. salt water and even denticles! Be prepared to do some teaching and vocabulary development as you complete this activity.
4. Sharks and Whales Close Read for 2nd -3rd grade by Kennedy's Korner
I love non-fiction material like this and I have several of my own that I have written and posted in my store. I've written mine so that they are accessible for 1st graders (some need a bit of help). These ones are for 2nd & 3rd and most of my firsties would struggle with this (especially at the beginning of the year!). I'm still going to keep this resource. We may use it as a whole class activity or perhaps one of my advanced reading groups will use it sometime.
5. Ocean Life Shark Freebie by 1st Grade Hip Hip Hooray
This is one of my favorite finds! It is a non-fictional easy reader and also includes a true/false assessment. I'll use this one for sure!
6. Shark Acrostic Poem Template by Amy @ Step into Second

Other things you might need for shark week!
*Shark fin ice tray on Etsy - This would be so much fun!
*Shark soap on Etsy - Maybe not a classroom item, but is sure would be a fun stocking stuffer for a little one!

1/2 off for shark week!
I just listed this Shark Attack Pack and it is 1/2 off all week!  It focuses on ar & sh words and also has some information text reading! It includes: 
*Shark and fishes card game (sh words)
*Shark make-a-word sliders (3 sliders: sh- initial words, -sh final words & ar words)
*Word search (ar & sh words; 16 words)
*3 mini-books (ar word book; sh word book & Shark Fact book)
*Shark poster for recording words
*Graphic Organizer (color & B/W)

*Shark Book List

Happy shark week, friends! Stay safe! :)

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